Generators for Ukraine

generatorer till Ukraina

Hurray! Today, on the 11th March 2022, the first transport of emergency power generators has left Söderhamn! It is headed for a coordination centre of Ukraine aid in Przemyśl, from where the further shipment to Ukraine is organised. Przemyśl is less than 100km from Lviv.  

This has been an effort of many well willing contributors.

It all began with a Polish consul in Oslo, Anna Śmialek-Grzyb, who made us aware that Göteborg is a twin town of Krakow, and should respond to a plea from Krakow’s Mayor for emergency power generator to a hospital in Lviv.

We contacted our Polish Honorary Consul in Göteborg Göran Hult who acted without delay. His plea on the forum of the Branschorganisationen Energiforsk gave quick results. The first to respond was Tomas Zetterström from Söderhamn Nära: they offer a generator of 400kVA, the capacity suitable even for a smaller hospital.

Fantastic! Only it weighs 7,5 tons!

We post a request for transport on a Polish forum, and we get directly contacted by Andrzej Ziółkowski at Nilex, who offers to take it the whole way to the Ukrainian border. When Tomas and Andrzej discuss the details of how to get the load onto the lorry, we get yet another offer: a smaller generator from Erik Westlind at Stockholmexergi. Erik promises also that Stockholmexergi will ship the generator to Söderhamn and he settles the details with Tomas. Now we have 2 generators!

At the same time people come to the Polish Centre in Göteborg with packages of food, medicines, hygiene articles. Alingsås Djursjukhus the animal hospital contributes with a whole rack of this type of articles. We need to ship all that to our lorry in Söderham. Reverse, Renovera Hem and MH Maskinservice assists us in placing packages on shipping pallets, and transports them to Bring-Mölnlycke, who take it to our transportation point i Söderhamn.

All parts of the plan are settled now: the lorry gets loaded on the 11th March in Söderhamn, then further to Nynäshamn and then to Gdańsk. Oh, the ferry ticket is still missing. We contact Polferries. They grant the ticket for the 12th March, after a plea from the Polish consulate in Stockholm.

The Mayor of Przemyśl Wojciech Bakun and the head of the coordination centre Bartłomiej Barszczak, promise they will personally oversee that the transport reaches those who need it most in Ukraine.

To be continued!

lista firm i instytucji, które wsparły akcję:
Konsulat w Sztokholmie 
Söderhamn Nära 
Stockholm Exergi
Reverse AB
Nilex Andrzej Ziółkowski 
Renovera Hem
MH Maskinservice
Nordh Energy Solar AB
Alingsås Djursjukhus
Bring Mölnlycke
Bring Parcels AB Jönköping

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