BGK in cooperation with the National Bank of Ukraine has opened a special account for payments to help Ukraine

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego – Solidarni z Ukrainą

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) on behalf of National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has opened a special account into which as of today money can be paid to help Ukraine. The funds will go directly to the National Bank of Ukraine that will allocate them to the necessary activities. Payments to the account should be made in PLN.    

Polish Payment Standard team, the operator of the BLIK system, initiated opening an account in PLN and supporting the NBU in this way. To make it even easier, in the coming days BLIK will launch the possibility of payments to this account also with the BLIK system.

How to deposit money?

Funds must be deposited to the account number: 
PL 91 1130 0007 0080 2394 3520 0002

Transfer title: Support for Ukraine

Transfer recipient: National Bank of Ukraine

The account is used to collect funds in PLN and make non-cash settlements.

National Bank of Ukraine has published the account number on its website.

National Bank of Ukraine, after imposing the martial law in the country, has opened special bank accounts to collect donations in different currencies to help defend the country. BGK has opened the account in PLN on behalf of NBU.

“Ukraine needs immediate and concrete aid. Today we all unite and support our neighbours together. Many Poles help individually, at the same time firms and institutions join in. We also join, and this is just our first step. I thank Blik for exceptional approach and cooperation. Thanks to this, as of today, every person can pay money into the special account of National Bank of Ukraine and thus help Ukraine directly” – Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka, president of BGK, Polish development bank, said.

“Today we all need to show our solidarity with Ukraine, we must act quickly. Thanks to our technology and relations with the representatives of National Bank of Ukraine we enable everyone to make direct payments to support Ukrainian army into a special account opened by BGK. Based on this, we will immediately launch additional possibilities of payments with the BLIK system” – Dariusz Mazurkiewicz, President of the Management Board of Polish Payment Standard, BLIK operator, says.