I augusti 2020 firar vi 40-årsjubileet för grundandet av “Solidarność”, som markerade början på de fredliga politiska förändringarna i Central- och Östeuropa.


100 years ago, Poland saved the West from Communism

Bohaterowie Niepodległej, 1920

“Poland was partitioned in the 18th century, contested by rival imperial powers through the 19th, invaded by the Nazis and Soviets in 1939 and occupied by the latter for nearly 50 years, during which Stalin and his Communist henchmen murdered the Poles’ greatest war heroes and maintained a stifling grip on political, social and economic life.

That is the tragic history of my homeland. (And I didn’t even touch on the devastating Swedish invasion of the 1600s. Yes, the Swedes.) Yet the Poles also have a glorious history, and among our most glorious moments remains the Battle of Warsaw, whose centenary we mark this month. Exactly 100 year ago, the Poles, then newly independent, achieved a startling victory over the fierce and fanatical Bolsheviks and, in the process, saved the West from Communism’s advancing forces.”

author: Jacek Saryusz-Wolski
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“The Battle of Warsaw. The Miracle You’ve Never Heard Of” aV iam.pl

“The Battle of Warsaw is one of the most important yet most overlooked battles in world history. After taking power in Russia, the Soviets were hellbent on spreading their totalitarian ideology to Europe by sparking continent-wide communist revolutions – in 1920, on Lenin’s orders, the Red Army set off to inspire and support such revolutions. However, in their quest for European-wide communism, the Bolsheviks needed to defeat Poland first… This is the story of the miracle you’ve never heard of.” Instytut Adama Mickiewicza https://iam.pl/


Slaget vid Warszawa 1920

Den 15 augusti är det 100 år sedan händelsen som har bedömts vara ett av världshistoriens mest avgörande slag – Slaget vid Warszawa 1920 då Polen segrade över Sovjetarmén och hejdade den ryska revolutionens utbredning åt väster

Lyssna på föreläsning SLAGET SOM RÄDDADE EUROPA av historikern och författaren Artur Szulc som berättar om Slaget vid Warszawa 1920.

mer på sidan https://instytutpolski.pl/stockholm/